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NEMO iDX1230, DC-DC Booster Charger / Battery to Battery Charger, 12V /30A, IP65, RS485, fully programmable

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NEMO iDX1230, DC-DC Booster Charger / Battery to Battery Charger, 12V /30A, IP65, RS485, fully programmable

NEMO series DC-DC Booster Charger draws power from Smart Alternator (Euro-6) or solar panel, and maintain a stable output to charge the service battery while driving. 

At the same time, NEMO protects or maintains the starter battery to be full.  

The iDX model has one input from alternator, and iDDX model has built-in MPPT and dual inputs from both alternator and solar panel.

Highlights of iDX1230:

  • One input from traditional or Smart Alternator;
  • Compatible with smart alternator – Euro 4/5/6;
  • Operation based on D+ signal;
  • TBB premium II multiple stages charging algorithm;
  • Automatic temperature compensation and voltage compensation;
  • Suitable for various battery including AGM and Lithium-ion;
  • Compact and Water Proof, IP65;
  • Fully programmable via USB-2-RS485 cable (chargeable accessory) and RAPNemo for MS-Windows (free of charge);
  • NEMO is with e-Mark certification.
Booster Charger
Input nominal voltage 12 Vdc
Input voltage range of alternator (Intelligent type) 11.6 - 16 VDC (Start-up input voltage: 12V)
Input voltage range of alternator (traditional type) 12.8 - 16 VDC (Start-up input voltage: 13.2V)
Automatic activation - D+ Yes
Output nominal voltage 12 Vdc
Absorption charging voltage AGM / GEL Battery: 14.4V
Charging Current (A) 30 A
Float charging voltage AGM / GEL Battery: 13.5V
Efficiency Max. 97%
Temperature compensation Yes
Voltage compensation Yes
Charging algorithm TBB premium II multi stage
Protection Battery charger over temperature; Battery over temperature; Over load; short circuit
RS485 communication interface (programmable) Yes
Technical Data
Operating Temperature -20 ℃ - + 60 ℃
Enclosure Aluminum with anodized, flame proof plastic
Protection Category IP65
Battery Connection M8
Dimension (mm) 60 mm x 102.3 mm x 186.3 mm
Weight (kg) 1.5 Kg
Safety EN60335-1,EN60335-2-29
Emission EN55014-1,EN55014-2,EN61000-3-2,EN61000-3-3
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