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Energier Pro CF1625M, Inverter /Charger combi, 24V /25A,, 1600VA@25°C, built-in AGS

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Energier Pro CF1625M, Inverter /Charger combi, 24V /25A,, 1600VA@25°C, built-in AGS

Energier Pro was especially developed for mobile and marine electrical system integrated multiple functions, including a powerful battery charger for service battery, float charger for starter battery, true sine wave inverter and a high speed automatic transfer switch. Compared with separate charger and inverter, it could save a lot installation time and space.

Its distinguishing surge capability makes it capable to power most demanding appliances comfortably, such as coffee machine, vacuum cleaner, microwave and power tools etc. Meantime, with built in AEA (Automatic Energy Allocation), it can automatic allocate the power available with AC source (either grid or generator) using whatever extra for charging, thus avoiding grid or generator to be overloaded. 

  • Pure sine wave output with outstanding peak power
  • High efficiency up to 92%
  • Extremely low status consumption power
  • Sophisticated TBB premium II multiple stages charging algorithm for lead acid battery
  • Automatic temperature compensation charging
  • Automatic voltage compensation charging
  • Lithium Battery compatible
  • GEN mode makes it compatible with cheap generators in the market.
  • Built-in Automatic Generator Start (AGS)
  • Standby level adjustable
  • Compatible with T-bus
  • Fully programmable with RAPConfig for MS-Windows 7/8/10
Nominal Battery Voltage (Vdc) 24VDC
Continuous output power @25℃ (VA) 1,600VA
Continuous output power @25℃ (W) 1,300W
Continuous output power @40℃ (W) 1,200W
Output voltage & frequency 230VAC ± 2% , 50Hz ± 0.1%
Overload Capability - 1) > 110% 15 mins
Overload Capability - 2) > 125% 1 min
Overload Capability - 3) > 150% 20 s
Surge Capability 300%
Efficiency 12V - 91% / 24V - 92% / 48V - 95%
THD < 3%
Bypass range - 1) UPS mode 184 - 264 Vac
Bypass range - 2) GEN mode 173 - 276 Vac
Bypass range - 3) Weak Grid mode 167 - 264 Vac
Zero load power 13 W
Zero load power (power save mode) 3.0 W
Standby adjustment 0.2%-2% Rated Power
Overload and overheat protection Auto disconnect with 3 times restart attempt
Shortcut Protection Auto disconnect
Battery Charger
Rated DC Output Current (total) (A) 24 Vdc
Max Output current (A) - adjustable 25 A
AC Input range - UPS Mode 200VAC - 264VAC, 45-65Hz
Absorption Time variable
Two AC inputs (TAI) external TAI device
Automatic Generator Start (AGS) Built-in or external AGS device
Temperature Compensation Automatic, ―4mV/℃/cell
Battery types AGM / GEL / Semi Traction / Traction / Lithium-ion
Slave Charger 3 – 5A float charge
Transfer Switch
Transfer switch 16A
Transfer time - 1) UPS mode 15 ms
Transfer time - 2) GEN mode 2 s
Control and Monitoring
Remote Control Vision Lite (LCD), RCF (LED)
Configuration Software (Windows OS)
Configuration Software (Windows OS) RAPConfig
Technical Data
Dimension (mm) 440 x 232.5 x 95 mm
Weight (kg) 11.9 Kg
Certification EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-1; IEC 62109-1, IEC 62109-2; e-Mark
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