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AMOY-C G1 system, Battery Charger 12V / 25A, Solar Charge Controller PWM 20A, 14 x DC Outputs

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AMOY-C G1 system, Battery Charger 12V / 25A, Solar Charge Controller PWM 20A, 14 x DC Outputs

AMOY-C G1,  integrated system reusing the traditional switches

Some motorhome manufactures have the intention to keep traditional switches. AMOY-C solution will not only provide a highly integrated and compact electrical system for motorhomes or camper vans, but also support traditional switches to turn on/off the on-board DC appliances. 

Slim Master Power SMP1225

SMP1225 is a 4-in-1 smart battery charger. It has integrated multiple functions including battery charger, trickle charger, solar charge controller, 14 x DC outputs with fuses. SMP1225 acts the power center for motorhome or camper van. Designed with concept of plug and play, it could dramatically simplify the system and reduce installation time.

  • Smart battery charger 12V20A (25A at power supply mode) 
    • Active PFC charging
    • Temperature compensated Charging
    • Voltage compensated Charging
  • Float Charger for starter battery
  • Solar charge controller (PWM), 25Vdc 20A 
  • 14 x DC outputs with fuses
  • Battery Charging Relay 12V100A
  • Battery Low Voltage Protection 12V 40A
  • Built in Battery Switch
  • Built in shunt for precise battery measurement
  • Control one water pump with two tank probes
  • WAGO® Spring terminal 
  • T-BUS compatible
  • D+ signal connector
  • 263 mm x 164 mm x 128 mm

Master Power (CMP or SMP) SMP1225 12V, 25A with Charge Controller (PWM) 20A / 25Voc
DC-DC Charging Converter optional and chargeable
System Monitor Crystal (LCD)
Membrane switch panel N.A.
Smartphone App Android App
Water tank probe 2 x AQUA-RSA , top installation, 340mm
Cable harness SMP to Crystal, SMP to 2 x AQUA-RSA
Master Power (CMP / SMP)
Charger for Service Battery 20A, TBB premimum II - 5 steps, automatic temperature compensation, voltage compensation
AC Input 155 - 265 Vac, 50 / 60Hz
Solar Charge Controller PWM 20A, 25 Voc
Surge capability of AC input 10A
Trickle Battery Charger (eg. for Starter Battery) 3A, float charging
Battery charging relay 12V, 100A
Power Supply mode 12.8 ± 0.2 Vdc, 25A
Efficiency 90%
Battery Low Voltage Protection 12V, 40A
Built-in shunt N.A.
Built-in battery switch Yes
Connection terminal WAGO spring teminal
DC Outputs with Fuses 14
Bus protocol T-BUS
Protection Overload protection, Battery charger over temperature, Battery over temperature, Battery over voltage
Bluetooth Yes
DC output for dimmable lights N.A.
Technical Data
Protection Category IP20
Cooling Forced cooling
Dimension (mm) 263 x 164 x 128 mm
Weight (kg) 3.0 Kg
LVD EN60335-1, EN60335-2-29
EMC EN55014-1, EN55014-2, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
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  • Model: AMOY-C G1
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