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REGO-M Standard

REGO-M Standard
REGO-M Standard
REGO-M Standard
REGO-M Standard
REGO-M Standard
REGO-M Standard
REGO-M Standard
REGO-M Standard
REGO-M Standard
REGO-M Standard
REGO-M Standard
REGO-M Standard
REGO-M Standard
REGO-M Standard
REGO-M Standard
REGO-M Standard
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REGO-M Standard

【Note】The price excludes Eneriger Pro inverter/charger combi.

I. System components

Module 1:  Power supply

The power supply module has one component: Eneriger Pro inverter/charger.  Both photovoltaic panel and battery are optional components, and should be purchased separately.

  • Eneriger Pro inverter/charger combi
    • Eneriger Pro works as inverter, battery charger and AC transfer switch. Its main functions are charging the service battery and powering AC appliance.
    • Energier Pro is a standard product itself, and different models are available. Please find more details at the following page (Link: Energier Pro).

Module 2:  DC distribution

This module comprises two compoents:  ALOT LCM15 and MDDU.

  • ALOT LCM15 is mainly working as a DC distribution device with 15 x 20A outputs with fuses. Additionally, it powers the central monitor Crystal and MSP series membrane switch panel.
  • MDDU is designed to simplify cable connection and reduce installation space. It has prefabricated connectors for 3 x DC inputs,  PV, battery and Eneriger Pro, and 3 x 40A DC outputs. Meanwhile, it has integrated a manual battery switch to shunt down all DC loads to prevent service battery from over discharging.

Module 3:  monitoring and control

This module is comprising of following components:

  • Crystal is a high-definition LCD central display. It displays complete and detailed information of electrical system
  • MSP10 membrane switch has 12V master switch, switches for 7 DC loads, and button of night mode.
  • Communication Hub is for communication among all connected components.
  • Besides, iOS and Android app are available for download and used for monitoring and controlling the system from smartphone.

Module 4:  Water system

  • AQUA RS32 supports to 2 x water pump and up to 3 water tank probes.
  • This module includes 2 x AQUA RSA water probes for top installation.

II. The standard package includes:

  • 1 pcs  x Crystal, HD LCD central display with bluetooth
  • 1 pcs x ALOT LCM15, DC Load Control Module
  • 1 pcs x Shunt 100A, battery monitor for AGM or third-party Lithium-ion battery
  • 1 pcs x MDDU, Manual DC Distribution Unit
  • 1 pcs x RS32 Water Module
  • 2 pcs x RSA or RSD Water Tank Probe
  • 1 set of system cable with standard length
Inverter Charger Energier Pro CF series inverter/charger. The following models are available: 1) CF0825L, 12V, 800VA, 25A; 2) -CF1650L, 12V, 1600VA, 50A; 3) CF2060L, 12V, 2000VA, 60A; 4)-CF3090L, 12V, 3000VA, 90A
Manual DC Distribution 1) 3 x DC inputs: PV, Battery, Eneriger Pro; 2) 3 x 40A DC outputs; 3) Manual Battery Switch
DC Load Control 1. Outputs: 1) 15 x 20A outputs with fuses; 2) 6 x 2A outputs without fuses; 3) 1 x dry contact output; 2. Inputs: 1) 2 x temperature input; 2) 4 x voltage input (battery voltage, D+ or push button switch); 3) Can support max two MSP series switch panels
Communication Hub support communication up to seven components made by TBB Power
Water Module maximal 2x20A outputs for water pumps, maximal 3 connectors for AQUA series water tank probes.
Water Tank Probe 2 x AQUA RSA water tank probes, top-installation type

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