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SMP1225, 4-in-1 smart battery charger 12V/25A, with built-in solar charge controller 20A /25Voc, 14 x DC outputs

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SMP1225, 4-in-1 smart battery charger 12V/25A, with built-in solar charge controller 20A /25Voc, 14 x DC outputs

SMP1225 integrates four kinds of functions:

  1. battery charger 12V /20A , power supply mode 25A; 
  2. trickle charger 12V / 3A;
  3. solar charge controller 20A, 25Voc, support photovoltaic size up to 300W; 
  4. 14 x DC outputs with fuses.

LCD high definition display is avaliable as an optional accessory

Master Power (CMP / SMP)
AC Input Nominal input voltage: 165 - 265 Vac, 50Hz, Power Factor: 0.99
Nominal Voltage of Batteries Service Battery: 12Vdc; Starter Battery: 12Vdc
Solar Charge Controller Open Circuit Voltage: 25Vdc; maximum Charging Current: 20A
Voltage Charging Relay 12 Vdc, 100A
Main Battery Charger Charge algorithms: TBB premimum II - 5 steps; Rated Charger Output Current: 20A; Automatic Temperature Compensation; Automatic Voltage Compensation
Trickle Battery Charger (eg. for Starter Battery) 12 Vdc, 3A, float charging
Power Supply mode Nominal output voltage: 12.8 ± 0.2 Vdc; Rated Ouput Current: 25A
Efficiency 90%
Battery Low Voltage Protection Disconnect voltage: 10.5 Vdc; Reconnect voltage: 11.5 Vdc; Battery drain after disconnection: Automatic
DC Outputs with Fuses 4 x 15A; 10 x 10A
Protection (1)Short Circuit on Ouput: shutdown; (2)Reverse polarity: diode reverse isolation; (3)Overload protection: reduce output; (4)Battery charger over temperature: Alarm; (5)Battery over temperature: Alarm; (6) Battery over voltage limits: shut down at 16 Vdc.
Operating Temperature -40℃ ~ 50℃
Technical Data
Enclosure Steel Case
Protection Category IP20
Cooling Forced Cooling
Dimension (mm) 264 x 164 x 128 mm
Weight (kg) 3.0 Kg
LVD EN60335-1, EN60335-2-29
EMC EN55014-1, EN55014-2, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
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