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HTM251 industrial modular inverter, 48Vdc /110Vdc /220Vdc, 1KVA

HTM251 industrial modular inverter, 48Vdc /110Vdc /220Vdc, 1KVA
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HTM251 industrial modular inverter, 48Vdc /110Vdc /220Vdc, 1KVA

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Combined with modern semiconductors with high switching frequencies technology, HTM250 module inverter is compact construction, low weight and high efficiency. HTM250 inverter is able to run in parallel supporting hot plug, of which is suitable to compose small or medium modular inverter system.

  • N+1 redundant configuration 
  • Active current sharing technology 
  • Pure Sine Wave, with THD<3%
  • Hot plug in technology 
  • DC-AC isolation improving system security
  • Voltage adjustable 230Vac (200-240) 
  • Excellent Dynamic responses
  • Max efficiency up to 88%
  • Complete protection

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