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NEMO iDX12-2415, DC-DC Booster Charger, 12V /30A to 24V /15A, IP65, RS485, fully programmable

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NEMO iDX12-2415, DC-DC Booster Charger, 12V /30A to 24V /15A, IP65, RS485, fully programmable

The dual input NEMO converter battery charger could draw power from smart alternator as well as solar panel, to perform a proper charging for service battery while you are driving.

NEMO is compatible with smart ECU controlled alternator (Euro 6) which delivers a variable output when it is not needed. NEMO could maintain the charging with a stable output in this situation, to assure your battery getting a fully charging in the shortest time.

It will protect or maintain your starter battery even if engine was stopped without issue of starting problems. 

  • Dual input from alternator and solar panel;
  • Compatible with smart alternator – Euro 6;
  • TBB premium II multiple stages charging algorithm;
  • Built in automatic temperature and voltage compensated battery charging;
  • Multiple battery chemicals including AGM, GEL, LFP(LiFePO4) etc;
  • Compact and Water Proof, IP65;
Booster Charger
Input nominal voltage 12 Vdc
Input voltage range of alternator (Intelligent type) 11.6 - 16 VDC (Start-up input voltage: 12V)
Input voltage range of alternator (traditional type) 12.8 - 16 VDC (Start-up input voltage: 13.2V)
Automatic activation - D+ Yes
Output nominal voltage 24 Vdc
Absorption charging voltage Default AGM / GEL Battery: 14.4V, programmable for Lithium-ion battery
Charging Current (A) 15 A
Float charging voltage Default AGM / GEL Battery: 13.5V, programmable for Lithium-ion battery
Efficiency Max. 97%
Temperature compensation Yes
Voltage compensation Yes
Charging algorithm TBB premium II multi stage
Protection Battery charger over temperature; Battery over temperature; Over load; short circuit
RS485 communication interface (programmable) Yes
Technical Data
Operating Temperature -20 ℃ - + 60 ℃
Enclosure Aluminum with anodized, flame proof plastic
Protection Category IP65
Battery Connection M8
Dimension (mm) 60 mm x 102.3 mm x 186.3 mm
Weight (kg) 1.5 Kg
Safety EN60335-1,EN60335-2-29
Emission EN55014-1,EN55014-2,EN61000-3-2,EN61000-3-3
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