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【Note】The price excludes Eneriger Pro inverter/charger combi, NEMO DC-DC Booster Charger

I. Introduction of system modules

1. Essential System Components

Module 1:  Power supply

The power supply module has two components: Energier Pro inverter/charger and NEMO DC-DC booster charger (optional).  Both photovoltaic panel and battery are optional components, and should be purchased separately.

  • Energier Pro inverter/charger combi
    • Enerigier Pro works as inverter, battery charger and AC transfer switch. Its main functions are charging the service battery and powering AC appliance.
    • Energier Pro is a standard product itself, and different models are available. Its price is not included in REGO-M.V10 system. Please find more details at the following page (Link: Energier Pro).

    Module 2:  DC distribution

    This module comprises two compoents:  ALOT LCM15 and MDDU.

    • ALOT LCM15 is mainly working as a DC distribution device with 15 x 20A outputs with fuses. Additionally, it powers the central monitor Crystal and MSP series membrane switch panel.
    • MDDU:  Manual DC Distribution Unit: MDDU is designed to simplify cable connection and reduce installation space. It has prefabricated connectors for 3 x DC inputs,  PV, battery and Eneriger Pro, and 3 x 40A DC outputs. Meanwhile, it has integrated a manual battery switch to shunt down all DC loads to prevent service battery from over discharging.

    Module 3:  monitoring and control

    This module is comprising of following components:

    • Vision 10 is a 10.1 inch high-definition touch screen. It works as central monitor and central switch pad of whole system. 
    • Communication Hub is for communication among all connected components.
    • Besides, iOS and Android app are available for download and used for monitoring and controlling the system from smartphone.

    Module 4:  Water Tank Control Module

    • AQUA RS32 supports to 2 x water pump and up to 3 water tank probes.
    • This module includes 2 x AQUA RSA water probes for top installation.

    2. Optional System Components (to be purchased separately)

    • NEMO DC-DC booster charger
      • NEMO charges starter battery and service battery while driving, in order to ensure sufficient energy of service battery.
      • NEMO draws power from alternator to charge service battery while you are driving. Compatible with Euro-6 alternator, NEMO maintain a stable output to assure proper charging and protection on starter battery and service battery.  
      • NEMO is also a standard product itself, and different models are available. Please find more details at the following page. (Link: NEMO DC-DC Booster Charger)
    • MSP series membrane switch panel
      • MSP10 membrane switch has 12V master switch, switches for 7 DC loads, and button of night mode.
      • MSP02 membrane switch has  one switch and one button of night mode.
      • MSP01 membrane switch has one switch. 

    II. The standard package includes:

    • 1 pcs  x Vision 10, 10-inch touch screen with bluetooth
    • 1 pcs x ALOT LCM15, DC Load Control Module
    • 1 pcs x Communication Hub
    • 1 pcs x BM200, battery monitor for AGM or third-party Lithium-ion battery
    • 1 pcs x MDDU, Manual DC Distribution Unit
    • 1 pcs x RS32 Water Module
    • 2 pcs x RSA Water Tank Probe
    • 1 set of system cable with standard length
    Inverter Charger Energier Pro CF series inverter/charger. The following models are available: 1) CF0825L, 12V, 800VA, 25A; 2) -CF1650L, 12V, 1600VA, 50A; 3) CF2060L, 12V, 2000VA, 60A; 4)-CF3090L, 12V, 3000VA, 90A
    DC-DC Booster NEMO iDX or iDDX (with solar MPPT) DC-DC booster charger can be integrated into the system to realize "charging while driving". But they should be ordered seperately.
    Manual DC Distribution 1) 3 x DC inputs: PV, Battery, Eneriger Pro; 2) 3 x 40A DC outputs; 3) Manual Battery Switch
    DC Load Control 1. Outputs: 1) 15 x 20A outputs with fuses; 2) 6 x 2A outputs without fuses; 3) 1 x dry contact output; 2. Inputs: 1) 2 x temperature input; 2) 4 x voltage input (battery voltage, D+ or push button switch); 3) Can support max two MSP series switch panels
    Battery Monitor For TBB Power's Lithium-ion battery, built-in BMS is avaliable. But for third-party AGM or Lithium-ion battery, a battery monitor with LCD display and shunt 200A is avaliable.
    Communication Hub support communication up to seven components made by TBB Power
    Water Module maximal 2x20A outputs for water pumps, maximal 3 connectors for AQUA series water tank probes.
    Water Tank Probe 2 x AQUA RSA water tank probes, top-installation type
    System Cables The cables among system components are included and with standard length. Extension cables should be ordered separately.

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