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RAPConfig RAPConfig
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Brand: TBB Power GmbH Model: RAPConfig
RAPConfig is a MS-Windows software for TBB Power's Eneriger Pro CF series inverter/charger combi, Eneriger Apollo CH series All-in-One device (Inverter / battery chargger / Solar MPPT).Its two major functions are:Changing system settings to meet customized requirementsMonitoring the work statue..
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Brand: TBB Power GmbH Model: RAPNemo
[What's New in Version 2.02]Has integrated the firmware upgrade function. Then RAPCook is not necessary anymore.Multiple languages, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, will come soon.RAPNemo is a MS-Windows software for fully programming TBB Power's NEMO DC-DC Booster Charger. Its two maj..
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