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TP600 Standalone

TP600 Standalone

Combined with modern semiconductors and a patent pending control algorithm, TP600 series industrial inverter achieves a compact size of maximized power density.

TP600 series standalone inverter was a standby design with an integrated utility bypass. With a dip switch, the inverter can be set into either AC priority mode or DC priority mode.   

TP600 series has various models from 500VA up to 6,000 VA. 

TP610 industrial standalone Inverter 48Vdc / 110Vdc / 220Vdc, 1KVA TP610 industrial standalone Inverter 48Vdc / 110Vdc / 220Vdc, 1KVA
Brand: TBB Power GmbH Model: TP610
The detailed product information is coming soon. Please download the datasheet and solution presentation firstly to find all available models.Features:19’’1U or 19’’2UIntegrated utility bypassTransfer time 5-8 msWorking mode selectable (AC or DC in priority)DC/AC isolation improving s..
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