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Advanced power supply solution to supply unlimited energy for Motorhome

The REGO-M.V10 series is a complete electrical and electronic system for motorhomes with both AC and DC consumers.

A highly reliable Inverter and Battery Charger combination (Energier Pro) and an optional DC-DC Booster (NEMO iDX or iDDX ) with built-in Solar Charge Controller (MPPT) are integrated to ensure sufficient energy supply during driving and camping.

A high definition 10-inch Touch Screen, Vision 10, works as the central monitor of all system components, and the central switch pad of inverter and DC consumers as well.

The REGO-M.V10 series solution realizes Free Camping by providing a complete electrical and electronic system for motorhomes that operates, monitors and controls both AC and DC loads.

The REGO-M.V10 series has optional components to meet the requirements of different vehicle models and customer applications.

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