NEMO 12V-24V IP65

NEMO 12V-24V IP65

NEMO series Converter charger,  MPPT and RS485 optional,  IP65


The dual input NEMO converter battery charger could draw power from smart alternator as well as solar panel, to perform a proper charging for service battery while you are driving.

NEMO is compatible with smart ECU controlled alternator (Euro 6) which delivers a variable output when it is not needed. NEMO could maintain the charging with a stable output in this situation, to assure your battery getting a fully charging in the shortest time.

It will protect or maintain your starter battery even if engine was stopped without issue of starting problems. 

  • Dual input from alternator and solar panel
  • Compatible with smart alternator – Euro 6
  • TBB premium II multiple stages charging algorithm for lead acid battery
  • Built in automatic temperature and voltage compensated battery charging
  • Multiple battery chemicals including AGM, GEL, LFP(LiFePO4) etc
  • Max Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology
  • Compact and Water Proof, IP65

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