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Battery Protection Unit

Battery Protection Unit

Battery Protect Unit was designed for DC loads connected on service battery. It offers an automatic protection to avoid deep discharge of service battery.

In together with a panel, it could offer precise voltage indication of service battery through a LED bar. Meantime, the battery switch could manually switch off the battery system. 

  • No voltage loss
  • Available with both 12Vdc and 24Vdc models
  • Disconnect voltage 11Vdc, engage voltage 12.6Vdc
Brand: TBB Power GmbH Model: BPU150
Controlled by a microprocessor, BPU is a battery protect unit which integrates a voltage measure device, adapts to 12/24 battery and with protection threshold value  setting. BPU consists of two single units: Relay Control Unit and LED Indication Unit. BPU is able to engage or disengage re..
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