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Solar MPPT

Solar MPPT

SolarMate is a solar charge controller with built in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, which can optimize the PV’s output eliminate the fluctuation due to shading or temperatures variables. It tracked the maximum power point of a PV array to deliver the maximum charging current for battery, enabling PV array to increase the output by as much as 30% compared to PWM design.

SolarMate is a multi-voltage MPPT with built in sophisticated battery charging algorithm for various kinds of lead acid batteries, including AGM, GEL, Semi traction, Traction. Data management with 120 days of history record was offered as well. Meantime, version for Lead-Carbon battery and lithium ion battery were available upon request.

Thanks to its self cooling design, it is suitable for most rugged environment with dust or bugs. SP can operate at their full rating in ambient temperatures as high as 40℃.

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