4-in-1 Solar Inverter Charger for Solar Hybrid-system

Energier Apollo bi-directional inverter can be used in multiple applications. You can use it to compose power backup system. Or, with a quick setting, you can compose a simple solar hybrid system either with grid or diesel generators. 

Energier Apollo is a powerful unit integrated multiple functions, including a high performance true sine wave inverter, a powerful battery charger, a PWM or MPPT charge controller, a high speed automatic transfer switch and function of load management. Its distinguishing surge capability makes it capable to power most demanding appliances, such as fridge, freezer, water pump etc.

Energier Apollo has some distinguished features designed especially for African, Middle East and South East Asian countries where the grid was not stable and low voltage was frequently encountered. Energier Apollo can maximize the usage of grid and automatically adjust its charging in accordance with the setting.

  • All in one unit integrating multiple functions.
  • Can be applied for solar hybrid and power backup system.
  • High efficiency up to 93%.
  • High performance designed for all kinds of home appliances.
  • TBB premium II multi stage charging algorithm with built in 
  • automatic temperature & voltage compensation charging.
  • PWM / MPPT solar charge controller with built in MC4 terminal.
  • Equalization charging program was available for flooded and OPZS battery.
  • Lithium Battery charging was available.
  • Designed for tropical region.
  • Designed to work with weak grid.
  • Extremely low status consumption power.
  • ALL-IN-ONE for Solar Hybrid-system
  • Compatible with majority of cheap generators in the market.
  • Built in AEA.

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