Simple, Easy, PowerFULL —— REGO-C Pro electrical solution for motorhome

  • 06 Jun 2018

A picture is worth a thousand words.

This system scheme clearly explains why REGO-C solutions is an ideal solution for Caravan / Motorhome manufacturers or end-users, who are looking for a Simple, Easy but PowerFULL electrical system. 1) Simple:

  • higly integrated system with everything into one single device
  • reduced installation and cable harness.

2) Easy:

  • central monitor with LCD
  • membrane switch panel with backlight,
  • bluetooth for smartphone App

3) PowerFULL:

  • 12V, Dual chargers 20A+3A,
  • solar charge controller 20A,
  • Power Supply 25A,
  • 14 x DC outputs with 3 x dimmable and full protection.



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