SIES-mini self-consumption solar hybrid system

  • 22 Mar 2018

While wall-mounting SIES (Solar Intelligent Energy System) is to power a home with daily energy consumption from 4KWh to 30KWh,  SIES-mini is mainly aiming at small-size family or holidy home with max power 1KVA to 2KVA and daily energy consumption 1KWh to 2 KWh. 

System scheme of SIES-mini Energy Storage System

With Energier Apollo 3-in-1 (inverter, battery charger and charge controller) as the core, SIES mini generates energy from sun, grid or generator, allowing you to be energy independent, ensuring you the continuous power without being affected by power shedding or blackout. 

SIES-mini offers comprehensive monitoring solution. Cyber central monitor displays all data of energy production, energy consumption and battery state of charge, comprehensively, clearly and in real time. 

Meantime, remote monitoring function is available either through GPRS or WIFI. Through web clouding technology, the customers can check the status of whole system either in real time and from history records.

SIES-mini is a very compact and idea solution for areas where has no power supply or suffers electricity shortage.

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