NEMO DC-DC Charging Converter has models dedicated for Lithium-ion battery

  • 22 Mar 2018

Since NEMO series DC-DC Charging Converter has a water-proof design,  therefore for two models, DX1230 and DDX1230 (with built-in MPPT) doesn't provide DIP Switch to let end-user to change the battery type. 

Good news is that now we added two new models dedicated for charging Lithium-ion service battery.  Then for charging Lithium-ion battery, here are complete solutions:

Option 1.  NEMO DX1230-LFP and DDX1230-LFP for Lithium-ion battery, without RS485 communication interface 

The two models were named DX1230-LFP and DDX1230-LFP, which has charging profile and over-temperature protection for Lithium-ion batterie.

1) Charging voltage:

  • Charge Voltage:  14.4V
  • Float Charge Voltage:  13.5V

2) Over temperature protection

  • -5℃-45℃: normal charge
  • -15℃-5℃:maximum charging current 10A
  • ≤-15℃:Stop charging
  • 45℃-55℃:maximum charging current
  • ≥55℃:stop charging

3) Fault alarm

  • When temperature sensor has short circuit or cable break, LED of “fault” flashes as alarm

II. NEMO iDX1230 and iDDX1230, with RS485 communication interface

Two existing models with "i", iDX1230 and iDDX1230, have RS485 communication interfaces, so that they can be programmed through configuration tool for Windows OS 7.0 / 8.0 /10.0.   

The following key parameters can be changed easily:

  • Battery Type
  • Battery Capacity
  • Charging Voltage
  • Charging Current
  • Etc.

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