SIES 3090L-60

1) Inverter/Charger: 12V/90A, 3000VA

2) Charger Controller:  60A/150Voc

3) Built-in AGS (Automatic Generator Start)4) Energy Management

5) Cyber central Monitor with Bluetooth

6) Smartphone App

SIES:  Solar Intelligent Energy System

—— A self consumption hybrid PV system

SIES is the self consumption Hybrid PV system developed by TBB Power.  It can work together with various type of battery storage, and take advantage off energy both from sun, gird and generator, allowing you to be energy independent. SIES can take the control of generator start and stop. 

SIES is an independent power solution for household and small business, assuring you the continuous power without being affected by power shedding or blackout. It is the ideal solution for areas where have no power supply or suffer electricity shortage.

SIES with one Solar Charge Controller (MPPT)

Cyber:  Central Monitor of SIES, with built-in Bluetooth / WIFI

System Scheme of SIES


Fully integrated system

—— Plug and Play, saving installation time by 80%

Combined of MPPT charge controller, heavy duty bi-directional inverter, energy managementsystem, energy meters, circuit breakers and central monitor,SIES is a fully integrated systemwith all components well configured and preprogrammed in together.

Designed with the concept of Plug and Play, it requires no further configuration and only a small number of connections. System installation turns out to be an easy job and system performance was assured as well.

High performance inverter
—— 12V / 24V / 48V,  2 KVA - 8 KVA

Energier Pro bi-directional inverter built inside is suitable to reliably operate all kinds of home appliances, such as TV, washing machine, stove, microwave, water pump and air conditioner. Thanks to its industrial leading efficiency, the system can efficiently manage the energy flow and save your initial investment.

High system efficiency
—— Saving system investment on battery and PV by 12.5 - 18%

SIES is designed with Solar Mate MPPT charge controller with peak efficiency up to 98%. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology can increase the energy production from a PV by over 30%, especially good upon low irradiation sun such as sunrise, cloudy day etc. It is a multi-voltage MPPT with built in sophisticated battery charging algorithm for both lead acid battery and lithium-ion battery.
Energier Pro bi-directional inverter designed in SIES features leading conversion efficiency up to 94% and extraordinary low idle power, of which is an assurance protecting the precious energy harvest from the sun.

Intelligent energy management

According to the chosen logic, software inside of SIES will automatically take control of all energy flow. Energy produced by PV system and from grid will be optimized in combination for your usage.
Generator can be connected with system, SIES can take full control of generator. RAPConfig offers you a convenient tool to configure to change the system setting.

Comprehensive monitoring

SIES offers comprehensive monitoring solution. Cyber central monitor shows all data of energy production, energy consumption and battery state of charge, clearly and in real time. Meantime, remote monitoring function is available either through GPRS or wifi. Through web supported by cloud server, customer could obtain all data of running system in both real time and history records.

Remote monitoring and operation

[SIES] Konfiguration
Modell von Energier Pro Eneriger Pro CF3090L, 12V/90A, 3000VA
Modell des Ladereglers (MPPT) SolarMate SP60-150, 60A/150Voc
Modell der SmartBox SMB-30L60
max. PV-Modul 0.96 KW
empfohlene Batteriekapazität 3.8 KWh
[SIES] System Spezifikation
Nenngleichspannung 12 Vdc
Wechselrichter / Ladegerät 12V / 90A, 3,000VA
Laderegler (MPPT) 60A / 150Voc
zentraler Monitor Cyber
Systemlogik (konfigurierbar) Solar Hybrid / Solarenergie Speicher / Solar Backup
Kommunikation Built-in Bluetooth, Optional GPRS or WIFI
[SIES] Energiemessung
Wechselstromeingang Spannung, Frequenz, Strom, Leistung, Energie
Wechselstromausgang Spannung, Frequenz, Strom, Leistung, Energie
Batterieparameter Spannung, Ladestrom, Entladestrom, Leistung, Ladezeit, Ladezustand (SoC)
Solar PV-Spannung, Strom, PV-Ernte KWh
[SIES] Wechselstromeingang
Vorinstallierter MCB 2-polig 25A
Vorinstallierte SPD Uc: 385Vac, In: 20 KA (8/20 us), Imax: 40KA (8/20 us)
Twin AC Input optional
Automatischer Generatorstart (AGS) Built-in, Unterstützung 2-Draht-und 3-Draht-Generator, max. 8A / 30VDC, 1,5 mm2, PA66 / V0, M3 Schrauben
Terminal Kabel zwischen SmartBox und Energier Pro
Kabel Kabel zwischen SmartBox und Energier Pro
[SIES] Wechselstromausgang
Vorinstalliert RCD (Fehlerstromschutzschalter) 1P+N16A / 30mA / 4.5 KA
Vorinstallierter Wartungs-Bypass RCD (Fehlerstromschutzschalter) 1P+N16A / 30mA / 4.5 KA
programmierbare Ausgabe 2-fach 16 Ampere (max.), Basierend auf der Zeit, SoC der Leistungsgrenze
[SIES] Gleichstromeingang
Vorinstallierter Batterie-MCB 375A / 60VDC (3-polig 125A)
Terminal Kupferschiene mit 2 x M8 Schrauben
Kabel Kabel zwischen SmartBox und Energier Pro, SolarMate (MPPT)
[SIES] Solar Eingang
Vorinstallierter PV-MCB 63A / 250Vdc
Terminal 100A / 800V, 16mm2, PA66 / V0 M4 Schraube
Kabel Kabel zwischen SmartBox und SolarMate (MPPT)
[SIES] Mechanische Daten
Gehäuse Stahl mit Powerlack
Schutzklasse IP20
Abmessung (mm)
Gewicht (Kg)
[SIES] Standard
Sicherheit EN62109-1, EN62109-2
EMC EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-3

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SIES 3090L-60

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